Lancer Worldwide Now Available Through Curren Solutions

We are excited to announce that we have added Lancer Worldwide to our manufacturers’ line! Specializing in beverage dispensing equipment, Lancer uses the best materials and proven technology for consistent drink quality. They offer products such as beverage and ice dispensers, carbonators, syrup pumps, draft systems and more. Lancer Worldwide has a reputation for innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions for beverage dispensing.

Patented Dispensing Technology

Lancer Worldwide’s patented dispensing technology uses precise pumps, valves, and dispensers to deliver consistent pour after pour. Their equipment is designed to be modular, making it easy to install, maintain, and upgrade over time. The dispensing system’s user-friendly interface allows staff to dispense drinks quickly and accurately to ensure customer satisfaction.


The Benefits of Using Lancer’s Dispensing Systems

Increased efficiency: Lancer Worldwide’s Dispensing Systems are fast! They will significantly reduce wait times for drink orders.

Consistency: Every drink is dispensed accurately with the right amount of carbonation, temperature, and flavor.

Reduced waste: Outdated, inefficient designs in draft systems waste energy and reduce profits. On average, bars & restaurants waste up to 20% of beer profits to foamy beers! Lancer’s draft systems provide 360° cooling and cutting-edge kold-Draw technology to reduce over-pours and waste. And the system isn’t just for beer — pour wine, cocktails, cold brew coffee, and more.

Customizable: Lancer Worldwide’s Dispensing Systems are modular and can be customized to fit your restaurant’s unique needs, including space restrictions, beverage offerings, and peak service times.

Lancer Worldwide will be in Booth 6212 in the North Building at the NRA Show. Stop by and visit them to see their innovative products in person!