An Inside Look into Our Innovation Kitchen with Chef Brandon

Curren Solutions recognizes the importance of hands-on experiences in choosing the right foodservice equipment. Chef Brandon Jackson often hosts visitors in the Innovation Kitchen to test the latest equipment and try out recipe ideas.

Chef Brandon has worked in the culinary industry for a decade and has been with Curren Solutions since July 2020. He explains that the Innovation Kitchen is a center of creativity and inspiration for chefs looking to upgrade their kitchen equipment. Test Kitchen visitors see firsthand how different pieces of equipment can help with productivity or save labor.

“When we send a line card, that’s just words on a paper to some people, so the demos are really important,” Chef Brandon explains. These demonstrations go beyond showcasing products; they spark creativity and inspire chefs to reimagine their kitchen operations. “You see one piece of equipment, and you see another, and it generates ideas to make your kitchen run more efficiently,” said Chef Brandon.

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In the Innovation Kitchen, Curren’s dedication to practicality and functionality shines. Visitors can expect to see more than 20 pieces of equipment, but it was important to the team that the test kitchen looked different from a traditional equipment showroom. Instead, it was meticulously designed to mirror a fully operational restaurant, complete with areas for dishwashing, food prep, a café, a cooking line, and refrigeration space.

Although the Innovation Kitchen has been hosting visitors for some time, the team has exciting plans for the future. “Our bar area is almost finished. We’ll probably see more small group demos in 2024,” Chef Brandon shares. “We also can do fully remote training if a team needs to be trained on how to use a new piece of equipment or something similar.”

The Innovation Kitchen is a dynamic space where chefs and foodservice professionals can explore cooking, beverage, and refrigeration equipment and accessories. Chef Brandon welcomes visitors to utilize this innovative space to improve their operations.