Create Your Outdoor Kitchen with Crown Verity

Outdoor dining has transcended trend status to become a staple. With customers loving fresh air and open spaces, foodservice establishments are finding innovative ways to cater to this demand. One key strategy is the creation of dynamic outdoor kitchen spaces, which not only enhance customer experience but also expand operational capacity.

The Well-Equipped Outdoor Kitchen

To successfully implement an outdoor dining concept, establishing a well-equipped outdoor kitchen is crucial. Crown Verity offers a wide variety of grills, outdoor cooking products, sinks, heaters, and accessories that are customizable for exceptional experiences, indoors or out. Known for their robust construction and versatile design, Crown Verity’s grills and outdoor kitchen equipment are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of commercial foodservice operations.

Modular grills offer endless options for personalization. You select the layout and size that fits your space and then pick the add-ons that make sense for your operation. For the ultimate outdoor kitchen, built-in grills add a very sleek look to your space. 

Crown Verity

Infinite Series Modular Grills in Color

Crown Verity now offers color choices for the Infinite Series Modular grills and components inspired by beautiful and iconic landscapes such as Red Rock, Cape Cod, and Napa Valley. Each of the colors has a glossy finish that looks great with stainless steel and the powder coating is designed for extreme weather resistance. If you have flagship colors that you would like to use instead, just reach out for a consultation!

Streamlining Operations

Crown Verity’s attention to operational efficiency is evident in features like quick preheat times, ample storage for cooking tools, and portable designs that make setup and breakdown hassle-free. These features ensure that kitchen staff can maintain high productivity levels, outside the traditional kitchen environment.

At Curren Solutions, we understand that transitioning to or enhancing an outdoor kitchen involves planning and investment. We invite you to schedule time in our Innovation Kitchen to test out your recipes on Crown Verity equipment. From selecting the right equipment to optimizing layout and workflow, our team ensures a seamless integration process. Contact us today, and let’s bring your vision to life with the unparalleled quality of Crown Verity.

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