Good for Planet Earth, Good for Business

Being sustainable is more than just a buzz word. Sustainability is a smart way to make your dollar go further. We’ve put together a list of quick ways to save on startup, day-to-day operations, and maintenance and repairs.

Buy American Made

The easiest thing to do is look for the “Made In The USA” symbol on a company’s website. The United States is the 3rd largest supplier of international shipping fuel. We realize one person, or one company won’t create a dramatic increase; however, a large-scale paradigm shift in the industry could make tiny reductions into a larger movement. Transporting equipment through our country will help decrease the carbon emissions from international shipping, and it costs less, helping your bottom line.

Carbon Emissions

Reduce Food Waste

Again, this is a way to increase your sustainability AND save on your food costs.

Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers can keep food flavorful longer and extend shelf life, reducing the amount of food going to the landfill:

  • Less Shrinkage – Increase food yield by eliminating moisture loss via slow cooling.
  • Less Waste – Manage inventory by only thawing the number of entrees or meals
  • Increased Food Quality – Blast chilling maintains food texture, flavor, and appearance.
  • Improved Shelf Life – Shock freezing prolongs shelf life for several months
  • Time & Labor Savings – Allows you to cook in large batches upon food delivery, freeze, and then finish later during service. This gives you control over staff hours and scheduling.

Low Temperature Cook and Hold Ovens are another way to prevent food yield with moisture loss:

  • Gentle air circulation reduces product shrinkage, maintains high product yield.
  • Overnight cooking saves on energy costs in areas with an electrical demand fee.
  • Overnight cooking saves on labor costs, running production while no one is onsite.

You can even calculate your cost savings from increased food yield to see how much you’ll save in a year.

Yield Calculator

Invest In Quality Equipment

Paying more up front on commercial equipment pays off in the long run. Not only will you save by avoiding repairs and having equipment with longer life cycles, but new equipment comes with new technology that runs more efficiently. Imagine reducing your hot water expenses by up to $5,000 a year, energy expenses and cut your water usage in half, just by selecting the right dishmachine.

These 3 small steps can help reduce your carbon footprint and your operating costs. Sustainability is not just good for optics, it’s good business.