It’s Time to Roll Out Spring Cleaning in Your Kitchen!

As the season changes and spring is in the air, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. We understand the challenges of maintaining a clean and efficient kitchen. This year, enhance your cleaning and organizing efforts with innovative solutions from Champion Industries and New Age Industrial.

Sparkling Clean Dishes, Every Time

Champion offers superior cleaning solutions that ensure your dishes are spotless and improve your kitchen’s efficiency and hygiene. Here are a few reasons why Champion should be part of your spring-cleaning plan:

1 – Efficiency: Champion’s dishwashing machines are designed to handle high volumes of dishes, reducing wait times and increasing kitchen productivity. Their advanced technology ensures that each plate, glass, and utensil is cleaned thoroughly, using less water and energy.

2 – Sanitation: With features like high-temperature washing and built-in sanitization systems, Champion systems eliminate bacteria and pathogens, ensuring that your dishes meet health and safety standards.

3- Durability: Built to last, Champion dishwashing machines are a smart investment for any foodservice operation. Their robust construction and superior engineering mean less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

New Age

New Age Industrial: Organizing Your Space for Efficiency and Hygiene

Once your dishes are taken care of, it’s time to focus on the rest of your kitchen and storage areas. New Age Industrial provides shelving and storage solutions that can help you maximize space, improve organization, and maintain cleanliness.

1- Aluminum Shelving: Lightweight yet durable, New Age Industrial’s aluminum shelving is easy to clean and resistant to rust and corrosion, making it an ideal choice for storing dry goods, utensils, and equipment.

2 – Mobility: New Age Industrial’s shelving units can be easily moved to thoroughly clean your floors and walls, reducing the risk of any unwelcome pests in the kitchen and improving overall hygiene.

3- Cooler and Freezer Storage: New Age Industrial’s cooler and freezer shelving is optimized for cold environments, helping to prevent frost buildup and ensure that perishable goods are stored safely and hygienically.

Spring is a great time to reassess and revamp your kitchen’s hygiene and efficiency. By incorporating Champion Industries and New Age Industrial’s innovative solutions, you can ensure a clean, well-organized, and efficient environment for everyone. We’re ready to help you select the perfect equipment to meet your spring cleaning needs and beyond. Contact us!