K-12 Foodservice Solutions That Rule the School

School cafeterias are simultaneously bustling and chaotic, with kids of all ages coming together to grab a quick lunch between classes. Because of this, it’s essential that school cafeterias have reliable foodservice equipment that can keep up with student demand while still maintaining quality.

Curren Solutions attended the School Nutrition Association of Virginia State Conference earlier this month. As we prepared for the event, we wanted to share some products that we had available to demo at the show that work especially well in K-12 settings. Here’s a quick study guide:

1. American Panel Blast Chiller includes a self-contained, air-cooled refrigeration system with a microprocessor control system that allows you to choose the operating cycle: soft chilling, shock freezing, holding, and sterilizing.

2. Atlas Metal Serving Well is a must for schools. You will use this versatile, electrically heated drop-in serving unit frequently.

3. Champion Industries Dishwashers are A+. Rack Conveyors facilitate high-volume dishwashing in areas with limited space, while commercial Door Type dishwasher machines preserve space, water, chemicals, and energy. Both produce sparkling clean dishes.

4. FWE PHTT-6 Holding Cabinets, designed for mobility, hold food at temperatures between 90-200 degrees. These cabinets are constructed of strong, rust-resistant stainless steel to withstand high-volume use.

5. Ovention MiSA is your solution for ventless convection/microwave oven rapid cooking. The MiSA has an industry-leading online menu and recipe software to allow for easy menu creation and storage.

6. New Age Industrial’s Share Cart is a wonderful addition to any school cafeteria. Reduce hunger, food insecurity, and waste with these colorful carts. Students are encouraged to leave unwanted, unopened food and drinks in the Share Cart, where other students can help themselves.

School cafeterias require dependable food preparation equipment that is both fast and efficient while still maintaining safety standards for staff and students. Investing in quality pieces now will pay off later when your cafeteria runs smoothly from start to finish each day!

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