Keep it Hot and Waste Not with Flexeserve

As more restaurants, supermarkets, and C-stores shift to or expand a model that includes hot food on-the-go and delivery services, maintaining food quality can be challenging. We are excited to share that we are now representing Flexeserve, the leading specialist in hot-holding solutions that preserve food quality, significantly reduce waste, and enhance operational efficiency.

What Does Flexeserve Offer?

Flexeserve Zone

Flexeserve Zone

The cornerstone of Flexeserve’s innovative line-up is the Flexeserve Zone—flexible, multi-temp heated merchandisers. Imagine holding fried chicken, bakery items, and pasta all in the same unit without compromising quality. It’s a perfect solution for restaurants with a varied menu but limited space for multiple hot-holding units.

Additionally, Flexeserve Zone is available in floor-standing and countertop models to fit into any open space. Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed further innovates the food-loading process, enabling restocking from behind the counter, improving efficiency, and reducing food handling.

Flexeserve Hub

Flexeserve Hub is the next generation of hot-holding units designed for high-capacity demands. Its revolutionary design is ideal for hot-holding batch-cooked bakery items, delivery orders, and even family meals. This unit is particularly beneficial for quick-service restaurants with high-volume carryout and delivery services, as it ensures that all orders are held at optimal quality until they are picked up or sent out for delivery.

To give you an idea of the Hub’s capacity, it can hold up to 60 large, boxed pizzas, 140 food orders packed up and ready to go, or 140 whole rotisserie chickens!

Innovative Technology for Unmatched Efficiency

At the core of Flexeserve’s offerings is its patented, award-winning technology. The hot air recirculation and true convection heat are far superior to traditional methods, offering unrivaled hold times and maintaining food at optimum quality and temperature. This technology is integral to achieving what Flexeserve calls “true hot holding,” which extends shelf life to maintain quality and reduce waste.

With Flexeserve’s unique equipment and expertise, you can sell more, waste less, and offer faster customer service. For more details on integrating Flexeserve into your operation, contact us at Curren Solutions.