NAI Custom Product Design Contest Winner

New Age Industrial (NAI) is a leader in aluminum extrusion and fabrication. They specialize in providing strong yet lightweight storage solutions that are essential for the foodservice industry — think pan racks, shelving units, and mobile carts. Curren Solutions is proud to have NAI as one of our manufacturers because many of its products are designed by customers to meet a specific need!

NAFEM 2023
We’re off to a fantastic start at Curren Solutions this year! With our rebrand, new website, and the upcoming NAFEM show on February 1st, there’s no shortage of excitement for us. We invite you to join in the fun at NAFEM — many of our manufacturers will be exhibiting their newest products so you can keep up to date with all that they have going on, too.

The award-winning design, The Scrap and Stack, was submitted by the Child Nutrition team at Fulton County Schools in Atlanta, GA. Their team was looking for a durable cart to help one or two people clear the line faster after service.

NAI Winners

The Scrap and Stack is a mobile, multi-function serving line scraping cart. The cart has two tiers, and an elevated top-mounted, rail made of heavy-duty, all-welded aluminum that is guaranteed for life. Stacked sheet pans are held on the top deck, along with an elevated rail at the rear to hold two rows of stacked steam table pans. The bottom tier can accommodate a removable food scrap container in the front and a smaller container in the back for dirty utensils.


The Scrap and Stack is a multitasking superstar – the perfect tool to have in your kitchen arsenal. Get in touch with us for more information or to request a quote!