Rise and Shine for the Breakfast Boom

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? According to a recent report from Technomic, away-from-home breakfast sales have seen their first growth since 2019. This resurgence is driven by several factors, including a post-pandemic rebound and the impact of inflation, which has consumers choosing breakfast as a more affordable dining option over lunch.

Understanding the Shift in Breakfast Habits

Technomic’s “Away-From-Home Breakfast Multi-Client Study” reveals significant consumer demand for all-day breakfast. 83% of consumers occasionally order breakfast foods outside traditional breakfast hours, indicating a shift in breakfast habits. This trend extends beyond typical restaurant settings and is influencing hotel foodservice. Hospitality Trends has identified significant growth in breakfast consumption between 9 a.m. and noon, while early morning visits from 6 to 9 a.m. have either decreased or remained flat. This data underscores the need for foodservice operators to adapt their offerings to cater to this growing demand.

Remote and hybrid work is one of the main contributors to making all-day breakfast menus more appealing. Operators should adapt their menu options to reflect this trend, offering items that cater to both breakfast and lunch crowds and expanding food that can be enjoyed on the go. Nemco has a variety of options for food merchandisers that make sure your food, not your equipment, gets all the attention. One of Nemco’s latest innovations, the PaniniPro High-Speed Sandwich Press, can make memorable breakfast sandwiches in about a minute.

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Evolving Equipment and Catering Services

As foodservice operators adapt to the all-day breakfast trend, their equipment needs will also evolve. It’s crucial to ensure that you are equipped with high-performance units capable of maintaining food quality and appeal over extended periods. The new Flexeserve Zone Xtra, developed specifically in response to operator needs and the growing demand for more high-quality hot food-to-go, is a prime example. With the largest capacity for a countertop heated display, Xtra gives operators 80% more merchandising space, enabling them to cater to the increased demand for all-day breakfast items.

Additionally, with more businesses asking their employees to return to the office at least on a hybrid basis, has opened new revenue streams for foodservice operators. TouchBistro’s “2024 State of Restaurants Report” shows that 54% of restaurants plan to introduce catering services this year. This focus on catering surpasses plans to open new locations, highlighting its potential as a major revenue booster. FWE has many solutions perfect for introducing catering, such as their Heated Banquet Transport and Serve Cabinets for pre-plated meals. With over 60 cabinets in their Heated Banquet Cabinet Line, there are many solutions to allow businesses to offer convenient meal solutions for their employees.

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The breakfast boom presents a golden opportunity for foodservice operators to innovate and expand your offerings. By embracing all-day breakfast menus, enhancing convenience, and exploring catering services, you can capitalize on this trend and drive growth in the second half of 2024. We stay informed about market trends and the latest equipment to meet customer preferences. Contact us to talk about breakfast solutions!