Summer is Almost Here. Are You Ready?

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time for restaurants to prepare for the busy season. Outdoor events and patio dining are popular during the summer, so having the right equipment and setup is crucial for success. Here are some tips on how to get your restaurant ready for the summer rush.


Outdoor Events and Patio Dining

For outdoor events and patio dining, consider investing in high-quality equipment that can handle the demands of cooking outdoors. Crown Verity offers a range of commercial-grade grills ideal for outdoor cooking and events. Their grills are durable, easy to use, and can handle high volumes of food.

Crown Verity


In addition to cooking equipment, having a mobile bar available for your guests is fantastic for your outdoor events. Krowne’s Bad Birdy Mobile Bar is a sleek and functional bar that can be easily transported and set up wherever needed. It comes equipped with a refrigerated section for storing drinks and a built-in sink and cutting board for preparing cocktails.

Krowne Mobile Bar


Set Up BOH for Success


FWESetting up the right back-of-house (BOH) during the summer rush is essential for keeping up with demand. FWE
offers holding cabinets that can keep food at the perfect temperature for extended periods. These cabinets are handy for events where food needs to be transported and served over a more extended time.

UnivexIn addition to holding cabinets, having the right prep equipment is also essential. Univex offers a range of prep equipment, such as slicers and mixers, to help streamline your prep process and ensure you have everything you need to keep up with demand.


Prepare Early

Preparing for the summer rush requires careful planning and the right equipment. Investing in high-quality outdoor cooking equipment, mobile bars, holding cabinets, and prep equipment ensures that your restaurant is ready to handle the demands of the busy season.

Get the equipment you need to ensure you're fully prepared when the rush hits!