The Taffer Command Station


Take Command Of Your Staff

Curren Solutions is proud to unveil a collaboration that revolutionizes bar design through efficiency. The Taffer Command Station by Krowne combines Jon Taffer’s approach to efficiency and profitability with Krowne’s zero-step design philosophy.

“Krowne and I have created a groundbreaking station that will disrupt bar design as we know it.”

John Taffer

Jon Taffer

Efficiency Through Elimination and Preparation

Keep your staff behind the bar with EVERYTHING they need at their fingertips with the new Taffer Command Station by Krowne. This stops extra trips to BOH, the liquor room, walk-in cooler, or dish pit.

The Taffer Command Station features:

  • Bluetooth® compatibility to automate soda gun cleaning
  • Freezer storage for large craft ice
  • Dual sink for touchless hand washing and glass dumping
  • Integrated cutting board for preparation of fresh garnishes
  • Speed rinser for mixing tins and glasses
  • Dipperwell for specialty tools
The Taffer Command Station

Command Center Sitting Center Stage

Make The Taffer Command Station not just your command center but the center of attention with Krowne’s flush-mounted liquid CO2 glass froster – giving your bartenders the ability to impress your guests and show off with instant glass frosting. Additionally, cut time between sanitation and service. The liquid CO2 glass froster sanitizes glassware without waiting for the glassware to cool. This cold technology makes your sanitized glassware ready for use immediately. These are available as a drip tray, cabinet, or standalone tabletop piece.

If the standard configuration of the Taffer Command Station does not fit your bar footprint you can always modify the configuration with Krowne’s BarFlex3D.

Krowne’s BarFlex3D.

Reach out today to take command of your bar!